Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 1 Orientation

My plane left this morning at 10:00 (thanks Amy for taking me)! I got to savannah around 2:45 but took almost 30 minutes to get my bag. I signed up for the 3:30 shuttle and got to H3 (Hilton Head Health) at 4:45 which was just in time for our orientation. I felt I needed a second orientation since there was so much to cover but I think everyone felt that way. We then took a tour of where we would be shedding blood, sweat and tears (yes the gym, classrooms, pool etc). 6:00 is dinner time (please remember KP that we are an hour later here). Tonight we had salad, steak, small potato, and veggie strands (like veggie fries). It was great but the portion was much smaller than the size of steak I normally eat (I know it is called portion control). I was just happy to see meat and potatoes!! Others that have been here longer said Sunday dining was the best.

I sat next to Mark Evans and his wife for dinner and he is going to be on their special tomorrow night on A&E called Heavy. It was neat getting to talk to them. He couldn't reveal his weightloss yet until after the big "reveal". He was here for six months. During that time his daughter was born. He was able to go home for the birth for 2 weeks. He came back for his final two months. He said last month was intense and felt a little like Charlie Sheen (invincible) and started having problems at home. He said I am sure the drama will be aired. Lol. They were nice and obviously he has come a long way.

I am trying to decide what classes to do tomorrow. Treading or deep water conditioning in the morning. Ultra circuit or water fitness in the afternoon. I want to learn a lot of pool routines because I love spending time in my pool. This summer I can tan and lose weight at the same time!!

Looking forward to my week and the opportunity to learn a Healthy DK lifestyle. I miss everyone already especially my little man, Coleman! Mwwwaahh Coleman! Mommy loves you!

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