Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 4

Hello everyone! Hope everyones doing great! Started this morning with another 2 mile beach walk! It was great! Debating on whether I will go tomorrow morning or not. I might sleep in an hour.

Still working hard! Today I did Tai Chi. Not my favorite class but I wouldn't know that unless I tried it. Then I went to another class on dealing with stress and goals realistically. The thing that struck me the most is the "all or nothing mentality" that we adopt when approaching a healthy lifestyle. For instance, we say if I can't get at least 30 minutes in then we just do nothing. But in reality everyone moment of exercise counts. Don't discount those small bursts of exercise because they add up. Doing something is better than nothing!!!!Also, if we mess up and eat poorly then we too easily give up vs saying so what I ate something I should but that isn't going to get me off track.

Then I had 30 minutes of treading before hitting class again this time on "understanding diabetes". More scared now of the disease than before I went. But I know firsthand with Dad that Diabetes is a killer.

This afternoon I went on a kayaking adventure. It was tough because we were in the back waters of the ocean but there were a lot of big boats that were making the water very choppy. I survived and got a good upper body workout! Yippee.

After that I returned to the resort and tried Zumba. God it was terrible. I definitely did not have the groove on for that class! Still sweat but did not look good while doing the dance. Yes, BJ would be making fun of me if he saw me. I would never live that down. Thank God that there were no cameras in the room!

Back from diner and watching American Idol! Rest and Relaxation time! Chow!