Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 4

Hello everyone! Hope everyones doing great! Started this morning with another 2 mile beach walk! It was great! Debating on whether I will go tomorrow morning or not. I might sleep in an hour.

Still working hard! Today I did Tai Chi. Not my favorite class but I wouldn't know that unless I tried it. Then I went to another class on dealing with stress and goals realistically. The thing that struck me the most is the "all or nothing mentality" that we adopt when approaching a healthy lifestyle. For instance, we say if I can't get at least 30 minutes in then we just do nothing. But in reality everyone moment of exercise counts. Don't discount those small bursts of exercise because they add up. Doing something is better than nothing!!!!Also, if we mess up and eat poorly then we too easily give up vs saying so what I ate something I should but that isn't going to get me off track.

Then I had 30 minutes of treading before hitting class again this time on "understanding diabetes". More scared now of the disease than before I went. But I know firsthand with Dad that Diabetes is a killer.

This afternoon I went on a kayaking adventure. It was tough because we were in the back waters of the ocean but there were a lot of big boats that were making the water very choppy. I survived and got a good upper body workout! Yippee.

After that I returned to the resort and tried Zumba. God it was terrible. I definitely did not have the groove on for that class! Still sweat but did not look good while doing the dance. Yes, BJ would be making fun of me if he saw me. I would never live that down. Thank God that there were no cameras in the room!

Back from diner and watching American Idol! Rest and Relaxation time! Chow!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 3

Another day that started with a 2 mile beach walk. There is just something so calming about the ocean. I am looking for dolphins. We saw some last year while visiting St. Simons island.

We have seen an alligator it was sunning on the golf course outside the lodges dining room window! His friends are turtles. They aren't scared of him/her and he/she doesn't eat them!

This morning after breakfast and my thermal walk, I attended a seminar on Stress Eating since I do that so well. Since the class was full there was more than just me that emotionally eats. Gotta quit that!!

Then I did a class call treading. Yes that is treadmill work. You climb two mountains and run two races. Doesn't that sound like fun? So your first mountain is slowing getting your incline up to 15 and then back down. And then you run a race with 2 minutes slow and 1 minute race (repeat, repeat, repeat). Then we climb the next mountain same as before and then slowly come down. And then run our finally race. Yes that kicked my butt too.

Next I needed to chill down so I went to nautical noodle which was a good class that I can incorporate at home as well.

We went to lunch after that and then got to see the showing of heavy with Mark Evans. It was good and he truly is an inspiration. He has finished two half mile marathons Cindy and he weighs over 300 pounds so yes I am quite impressed! And he brought both of his medals so he is proud of them too.

This afternoon I took a break for an hour and just read email and relaxed. Went back to a session on goal planning from 4:00-5:30. Dinner, thermal walk, and blogging. Busy days.

Keep doing a great job in my absence. I really appreciate all of you!!!

Day 2

Sorry everyone but I was too pooped to blog after my first full day at H3. It was a day that started with a 2 mile beach walk which was gorgeous. I will take pics and show y'all when I get home. Then we headed for breakfast. Breakfast food is always good (hard to mess up breakfast). After each meal we go for a mile walk which is called thermal walk. I think I might incorporate a walk after dinner each night. Plus it helps you sneak in an extra mile!!

Then we went to a class called Nutrition for Health. There we got introduced to a phrase - unwise - better - best. So if you are in the airport and there isn't a "best" option don't just jump to the unwise option for the heck of it. Well I was going to have a salad but couldn't find one so I had a burger with fries instead. Maybe they have a grilled chicken sandwich or something like that.

Body sculpting was next with a lot of squats. Boy my legs and arms were tired after that. After body sculpting was lunch followed by the mile thermal walk. So, now I am up to 4 miles (whew).

Then off to an intro to fitness equipment class. We were shown all the equipment we would be using and the proper way to use them.

After that I headed to the pool for water fitness. Wow - she kicked our butts. We swam lap after lap and jogged and kicked. I was worn out.

Went to get my metabo meal which is a 100 calorie snack (fruit or veggie sticks). Then off to class on planning healthy meals. Good class with good information.

Then it was off to dinner and another thermal walk. After that there was a presentation by Mark Evans. They were hoping to show the video but they didn't get it in before last night.

Got to room around 7:45 and got to talk to Coleman. He talked to me for exactly 1 minute and 12 seconds so I can tell he is really missing his Mommy!! Lol.

I miss everyone!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 1 Orientation

My plane left this morning at 10:00 (thanks Amy for taking me)! I got to savannah around 2:45 but took almost 30 minutes to get my bag. I signed up for the 3:30 shuttle and got to H3 (Hilton Head Health) at 4:45 which was just in time for our orientation. I felt I needed a second orientation since there was so much to cover but I think everyone felt that way. We then took a tour of where we would be shedding blood, sweat and tears (yes the gym, classrooms, pool etc). 6:00 is dinner time (please remember KP that we are an hour later here). Tonight we had salad, steak, small potato, and veggie strands (like veggie fries). It was great but the portion was much smaller than the size of steak I normally eat (I know it is called portion control). I was just happy to see meat and potatoes!! Others that have been here longer said Sunday dining was the best.

I sat next to Mark Evans and his wife for dinner and he is going to be on their special tomorrow night on A&E called Heavy. It was neat getting to talk to them. He couldn't reveal his weightloss yet until after the big "reveal". He was here for six months. During that time his daughter was born. He was able to go home for the birth for 2 weeks. He came back for his final two months. He said last month was intense and felt a little like Charlie Sheen (invincible) and started having problems at home. He said I am sure the drama will be aired. Lol. They were nice and obviously he has come a long way.

I am trying to decide what classes to do tomorrow. Treading or deep water conditioning in the morning. Ultra circuit or water fitness in the afternoon. I want to learn a lot of pool routines because I love spending time in my pool. This summer I can tan and lose weight at the same time!!

Looking forward to my week and the opportunity to learn a Healthy DK lifestyle. I miss everyone already especially my little man, Coleman! Mwwwaahh Coleman! Mommy loves you!